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Published September 17, 2012 by scarletrose83

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A little about Scarlet

Published July 15, 2012 by scarletrose83

My journey started off rather peculiarly. If at the time some one was to tell me that now I’d be a well respected empath, psychic, medium running my own website, several social network groups & nine different chat sites…I’d have laughed in their face. I started out giving readings online & from my home back in Ireland but it wasn’t enough. I wanted to be able to help more people. So I sat my Psychic & Medium Test & became one of the most respected & sought after Readers on site. I loved the sites I belonged to but I knew it was time for me to branch out on my own so I set up here. I have always been gifted although until my journey of self discover started a year & a half ago I never knew quite what to call it. When I was fifteen I attempted to commit suicide & was rushed into hospital where they had to pump my stomach. I remember afterwards lying there in the dark ward looking up at the ceiling thinking about what had happened. Suddenly I felt as if i was slipping away. At first I was scared but then I seen this white light & the most unbelievable feeling of total peace & tranquility filled me. I knew I was dying & I was glad. Then just as I felt I was going to reach that light & my body had let go something pulled me back. I begged with it, “just let me go, I want to go,” but it kept pulling me away from the light. I started to cry pleading, “I want to die, why won’t you just let me die?” When a voice, the most beautiful voice I have ever heard so much so that my very soul wanted to burst into tears because it was so overwhelming, said to me, “No. You have something here to do first.” Suddenly I sat up in bed with a jump. There was a nurse sitting on the empty bed beside me & she asked me if I was ok. For some odd reason I just started blurting everything out that had happened. I couldn’t help myself…it was as if I HAD to tell her. She sat quietly listening & when I had finished she looked at me calmly & said, “God has spoken to you & spared you for a reason.”  Maybe someday I’ll know why 🙂 Peace Love Light xxx

Hello world!

Published June 20, 2012 by scarletrose83

Welcome to Psychic and Spirit Readings.  Feel free to pop in and say hello 🙂  All are welcome xxx  To request a Reading please go to the Chat Room section on this web site.

Thank You to Peace :) xxx

Published August 8, 2012 by scarletrose83

I just like to say a huge thank you to Peace who pointed out that my Articles Page had come out all screwed up lol  I have a account and have been working on some pieces that hopefully will be posted here soon…………..if  I can get the stupid thing to work! rofl  So thanks for pointing that out to me 🙂  I’m normally so busy with the facebook im hardly here ><  Don’t you ust love technology though rofl 😛 xxx


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I dont normally just post random messages that I get but this voice will not go away…….for the last two days I have been hearing a voice whispering in my ear. No matter what I am doing I always have my meditation/new age music playing in the back ground and just let the thoughts flow in and out of my head. This is the time I normally hear spirits, angels, guides and even gods from time to time. I meditate a lot as well but recently my meditation visions have been consumed by whats going on in my own life and what I need to do to keep me on this path. The thoughts I have randomly and voices I hear are more to do with things in general but especially about this site. Normally I just make a little note of them and later when I have more time I put it all to use but for the last two days I cant get this one voice out of my head lol It keeps telling me that Im not using this site for what it was meant to be used for……that I am meant to use it to change the world for the better. To have goals that change the world, inspire and pierce the very heart of mankind. the problem is I have no idea what they are lol I have no idea what Im meant to do…………..and the voice keeps telling me the same thing over and over and over and over again. So I decided to ask you all…………any ideas?

Mission From Spirit

Published August 4, 2012 by scarletrose83

I posted a short request yesterday about a voice that I have been hearing for the last few days hoping to receive some answers and the comments I got back where unbelievably helpful. I have already started to put all ur suggestions and ideas to use but unfortunately because we are so short staffed they wont be up and running till monday. thank you so much for ur patience and understanding [:)] xxx Little did i know though my answer would come to me in a dream…………..

First of all my life is so unbelievably chaotic right now and i have so many different things going on at once that at times i cant even hear myself think let alone anything else. I do meditate a lot but half the time these meditations are just means for me to release the huge amounts of stress I feel everyday….some times all day long. About a week ago I had two people randomly say to me to start writing down my dreams and that I would receive all the answers I need through them. I can be a very skeptical person so to be honest I kind of half brushed their advice away but kept it in mind.

Last night I tossed and turned for hours for no particular reason…….I just could not settle and had thought about getting up again to work a little more on some writing I hope to post here in the future. I don’t remember falling asleep but I had this dream that I was talking with some one, (I never saw their face just a intense feeling of calm and love,) and they were telling me how they wanted me to run THEIR site. At first I was like their site? What on earth are they talking about? but seeing as I have worked with so many spirits, angels, guides and gods/goddess I have learnt to just go with it rofl

So the voice continued to tell me that I was to unite all the groups, bring them together as one, so we could all work in harmony to change the world for the better and bring enlightenment and understanding to all. After the voice had finished talking I woke up totally gob smacked. I couldnt believe what had just happened. How was I supposed to do this? but I knew that where there is a will there is a way. I call upon you all, my brothers and sisters in light, to take my hand and unite together as one so that we can heal this world and everyone in it 🙂 xxx namaste

Weird Happenings and Signs

Published August 4, 2012 by scarletrose83

I just had to share with u all the strange things that have been happening to me over the last few weeks.  Ever since I decided to set up this site odd but fantastic things have taken place.  The first was all the spirits I sensed coming towards me in my garden……hundreds of them……..and at first I was scared.  I have never felt so many energies around me and it was a overwhelming feeling.  Just as I was about to quickly go back inside to get away from them all a old friend appeared by my side.  His name is Alan and we had met before a very long time ago in my house back in Ireland.  He placed his hand on my shoulder as if to keep me there and said, “it’s ok, don’t be scared.  They heard about what you are trying to do and they only want to help.”  Suddenly all my fear was gone and I smiled saying a little prayer of welcome to those who had come.

The next thing that happened was I was having huge problems setting up and coding the chat rooms.  I used to work on another chat site and before that I had set up several rooms by myself so I had a little experience but not enough lol  I am most definitely not a technical minded person………even using my mobile phone gives me a huge headache rofl…………I had no help what so ever at this point and I knew there was little hope  of me being able to do this by myself.  There where times I thought I’d just break down and cry because I was convinced that it was all going to be for nothing.  Determined to make it work though I pushed on and coded all the rooms trying to keep my worries to myself as much as possible.  The next thing I wanted was a ZNC, (I’m afraid I’m not a hundred percent sure what that is but I know it keeps you logged into a room 24/7 there fore allowing you to store all the conversations that happen in that room whether your there or not).  So as normal, like I do with everything, I googled it but couldn’t understand a word of what I was finding.  Frustrated I was forced to go to Mibbits Help room and ask.  Of course I didn’t get much help as ZNCs are not a Mibbit issue.  Then I received a PM from a guy called Pottsi who just happened to set up ZNCs.  Quickly we became friends and he did everything he could to help out with the site going above and beyond duty to help out.  I couldn’t of done it with out him. 🙂

A few days later I realized that I was going to need staff and this started to run around my head……….how was I going to find staff, that I can rely on and know what they are doing?  I appointed my partner Forsete as Admin and my dear friend SqueakMe as Senior Moderator but I knew we couldn’t do this alone……….and none of us had a clue as to how to run a web/chat site.  Then as if by a sheer miracle I started a conversation with QueenBee on one of my posts.  To draw attention to us I had been posting all sorts all over Twitter, Bebo and Facebook.  I can’t even remember what we had been talking about but a few days later she messaged me requesting to be staff.  QueenBee has been a absolute god send to all of us and we are so grateful to have her as part of our team.

I knew one new member of staff wasn’t going to be enough but I was satisfied that we could manage especially seeing as QueenBee had proven herself so damn good with websites lol  Now we need more readers.  I was the only psychic medium willing to read on our site.  Although all are staff are gifted they had decided that they weren’t yet ready to read on site.  There was no way I was going able to read everyone myself so I started to think about recruiting more readers.  Low and behold a girl approached me for a reading but was unable to pay.  I felt compelled to help her so I offered her a free reading in exchange for recommendations.  What I discovered amazed me………..her was a girl, quiet a few years younger than me and our starting paths were almost identical.  So I tested my theory and she was able to pick up on things no one has ever picked up on before……….and I have been read many times lol  She reminded me so much of me when I was first starting out and I offered her training and a position as a on site reader straight away.  She is still very shy so I wont mention her name here but she knows who she is and I love her to pieces 🙂 xxx

So as you can see things have magically moved from strength to strength and I truly believe this is because of what spirit and the gods have done.  I thank them every day for my gifts, my life and this opportunity to work with them but mostly I thank them for all of you 🙂 xxx

‘An Inquiry of a Meandering Mind’ by Paul Greet

Published July 26, 2012 by scarletrose83

‘An inquiry of a meandering mind’ 23/072012

Inside I’m crying

By Paul Greet

“There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds.” ― Laurell K. Hamilton, Mistral’s Kiss
It often seems impossible to show people how desperate you are, desperate with every fibre of your being, screaming at a world that never listens, crying out for someone to say ‘I love you and I will support you for all that you are’. I know how the hurt and sadness grows inside you, feeling like a jigsaw with a missing piece that can never be found no matter how much you search. I know how much you punish yourself for not being happy you’re alive, for not finding that beauty in life. Forever wondering that if you were to look at yourself with someone else’s eyes, would you like what you see. I know when you cast your eyes and heart on the world around you, when you dare venture into the wide open space you can almost feel the pain of others piercing your heart like a knife.
When some of the things that have caused you the most pain in life, seem to stay with you and you cannot seem to let go no matter how hard you try. I know when your tears sting your face because you have cried that much. I know when your thoughts race so fast it feels like fireworks in your mind. And the constant battle between your head and your heart, I know these things because these are battles I face nearly every day.
The struggle with depression is not an easy one and these words are intended to reach out and hold the hands of anyone that faces their own battle with depression. Depression has no mercy, it comes in many forms and it cares not who it inflicts and it can grab hold of anyone at any time.
So these words wanted to let you know, you’re not alone, someone is listening, you can stop screaming and start accepting who you are, you are beautiful in every way. You are not broken, you do not need fixing, you just need acceptance. So when you feel like you’re losing the race with depression, reach out, I’ll hold your hand and we can cross the finishing line together.
The world is changing and there is an abundance of help out there, if you want it, I can’t always promise you I’ll have the answers I’m still searching myself, but I can promise you there is a future and it can shine. So next time you feel lost in the forest of life and you can’t find the path. I will listen and will endeavour to put you in touch with organisations that can support you if you need it.
Somebody loves you more than you know.
Keep on keeping on and thank you for being part of the conversation.


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Please welcome our newest member of staff QueenBee.  When I posted for staff I didn’t think I’d get such a quick response but then again I of all people should know when you ask the universe for something and you have worked hard towards it then sure enough they send you a angel 🙂 xxx