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ScarletRose~    Hi my name is ScarletRose and I own Psychic and Spirit Readings.  I have been a Psychic Medium all my life but up until a year ago I didn’t know what to call it rofl  I am the main reader on this site and do a wide range of readings such as Tarot and Crystal readings as well as Spirit.  I love nature and being outside and would class my self as a very spiritual person.  I can be a bit of a hippy but it’s more to do with the fact that I have an intense respect for Mother Nature.  When I’m not working on developing my skills, meditating or doing readings I enjoy talking to my friends, going for long walks and watching movies.  I’m a typical Leo and am a firm believer in Spirituality.  At the minuet I’m in the process of training new readers and we are hoping to include Dream interpretation,  Runes, Goddess Card readings and much more in the coming months so don’t forget to keep a eye on our News section.  Lastly I’d just like to say hello, welcome, peace, love and light 🙂 xxx


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