Here is where you can leave thank you notes to the readers who have given you readings, leave comments about our services or give your own feed back.  All comments good or bad will be allowed but anything abusive will be deleted.  Don’t be shy, write whatever you want and remember your feed back helps use better help you xxx 🙂


14 comments on “Testimonials

  • Thank you to an amazing lady who not only truly connects to those she is working with, but has the ability to bring the information and healing down to a level that is easily understood and felt. Awesome work Scarlet Rose! Honored to be part of your growing circle. xxx

  • Thank you Scarlet u got things down to a t. I really need to start and think of myself and stop puttin on a faceand just say exactly wot i mean. Yes i need time to heal but knowing what you have said it is time to… Thank you again xx sendin loveable hugs always xxx

  • Scarlett: I thought you did a wonderful reading. I like your rule of not telling you of the problem at hand, beforehand – it’s helpful, and it shows that what you are giving are your actual impressions about the matter, rather than just problem-solving. Sure, problem-solving and common sense have their place, but so to true impressions. I found that considering you did not know of my problem, that your reading was very accurate and to the point. Would definitely do it again.

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